Lock stock and six shooters

Dem killed tha big man

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Hi Sisdar

I been over to tha knocks, just be looking no drink, promise for sure.
You no belive wat I gone see..was truly amazing I tell ya..

I bee looking in da window, all were honkey dory, but den da tuutuu acomming, and lady Lucinde, she be mighty scared like.

She go looks for wat tuutuu it bee..I go too, tuutuu sound all wierd like..

You no belive wat I see, but me eyes tell no lies..It be all gray like tuutuu all, on dere be da one car dat be green on top and cobber on rest, it look fancy like, wit all dem tubes and strings, der also be small smoke on top.

Wot you belive, den da end of da car open like big gater mouth and dere be da biggest man I ever done saw, him go wit 3 slingers and da Barker bros also be going wit dem.

one be a real slinger, brown duster and all.

Dem all go looking for trouble me tink. And right I be!!
Dem go right quick to knocks, dere be da grim looking slinger girl on da steps, but she no bee wanting trouble. Da Barker boys be looking out for her.

I go real quick like to look in..da first man in be da brown slinger, him be looking mighty grim like. Whan him sees da lady Lucinda, him be smiling all nasty like.. “You come with, den dere be no trouble”, da doug man, him da nice man wit dem cards, him be no having da lady in danger, so him says go away..den da big man come in all mad like.

Now dere be real trouble, I tell ya.

da big man be using some strange hammer-pike ting, when him try to kill da doug man just be ducking and weaving like, very quick. So da big man hit da bar.

I Tell ya him rip Old Jones favorite place clean away..bar and all..

All begun shooting now, da mad Doc, him da be talking to himself, shoot wit da big gun…it be shooting blue light like from sky. one of dem slinger get it real quick, him be all smoking and very dead like, I tink him be burning inside…smoke come from mouth ’n ears.

Den da fat father be shooting his mad fast shotgun, him hit da big man, but no mark on him I tell ya…

den da slinger be all shooting but dem others be all jumoing and ducking, so no can hit ’em.

I hear loud bang, and the one Baker boy be faling backover, bullet hole right between hims eyes..him have stupid surprice look..den de other barker runs to hit da slinger lady, and him hit her, dat only wit a club, so she no fall down, just little shaky like.

In Knocks da mad Doc be shooting and laughing, him eyes be all blue and sparky like..him shoot says FIIITZZZ and dem last 2 slinger go up in blue light and flame, all dead…

Da Fat Father now shoot da big one, him hit da shoulder, most da shoulder be clean away, I no lie, just big hole dere…Doug den throw card at him ??? Him very cold man, him just turn back to rest and drink wiskey…

Da other Baker man get shot right in da throat, him be all bellding and gurgle…

She allmost shoot da mad Doc, but she be very cold like, and go for wiskey also…

Dat be a tough crew, i tell ya.

Da fine Lady Lucinda Come back down, she been gone upstairs, den all dem tough nails go running for ders horses. even da mad doc, wit da jumpy horse…dem be going for da tuutuu..

I tell you sweet sisdar, dis be mad times in da Rock, you be good in school.


Hvor er “synes godt om” knappen? :-D

Dem killed tha big man

Heh ja det er totalt oldschool…man skal selv skrive kommentarer

Dem killed tha big man

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